Sea Adventures Inc. is St Lucia's leading underwater adventure tour operator. Based in Pigeon Island National Park the company operates two distinct activities - SNUBA and Sea Trek Helmet Diving. The tours require no prior experience and are suitable for the entire family!

Go beyond snorkeling with the SNUBA Adventure Tour, for which Sea Adventures was rated best in the world by SNUBA International. With no time consuming training you can experience the beauty of St Lucia’s marine life with absolute freedom and comfort.

The newly added Sea TREK helmet diving adventure has been an instant success; giving you the thrill of exploring underwater without getting your face or hair wet. Say hello to a seahorse and walk with a school of zebra fish– no swimming required! Fun for the whole family– ages 8+!

Sea Adventures Inc. is an award-winning provider of underwater adventure tours, and exclusive operator of SNUBA and Sea TREK® in the island of St Lucia.